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Macintosh Freelance Application Programmer/Software Developer/Contractor/Coder -- Australia (Victoria)

Faraday R&D performs freelance/contract/custom application programming/software development for the Apple Mac/Macintosh computer. We specialise in Macintosh/Windows porting.

Application domains include the internet, multimedia (graphics, video and sound) and standalone graphical user interface (GUI) applications. Knowledge domains include mathematics, statistics, science (Physics, Chemistry, etc.) and Engineering (Electronics etc.). Computer-assisted-learning (CAL) applications are our special interest.

Our principal standalone application development environment is Metrowerk's Codewarrior, using the PowerPlant Application Framework. Coding is done with with a strong object-oriented c++ bias. Upgrading MacOS 9 applications to MacOS X would be a typical requirement of our customers. Please ask about Cocoa and RealBasic development.

Web application development is performed using PHP/MySQL and advanced Javascript in DreamWeaver/BBEdit. Search Engine positioning (SEO) is a strong point.

faraday future commitmentsNews (Faraday, 4th of Feb, 2007)

To the person who left a message on my answering machine in late January 2007. Sorry, but I have not been able to reply, as the message was too garbled to understand.

Faraday R&D is currently involved in a Web application development project using J2EE. The Apache Struts MVC Framework is being used, with JDBC connections to a MySQL database. Hibernate and Spring are currently under consideration. The tool set is Eclipse and Subversion running on a Macintosh. Consequently Faraday is unable to take on new work for the foreseeable future (say until December 2007).

skramsoft_legal_newsNews (SkramSoft, 11th of May, 2005, updated 1st of October, 2005, updated 17th of March, 2006, updated 31th of October, 2006)

Skramsoft has been ordered by the Court to pay a debt owed to Faraday R&D for software development services. A legal summary can be found here.... More Skramsoft company and SkramSoft Director info>>>. ASIC . Commercial Bureau. The Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC), has now begun the process of deregistering Skramsoft, due to non-compliance with Australian corporations law. Update: since 18 October, 200, Skramsoft has been deregistered. A press release describing Skramsoft's conduct can be found here...

WWDC Preview NewsNews (WWDC Preview, 11 Apr 2005)

Faraday R&D attended the WWDC Preview talk in Melbourne at the Victorian College of the Arts. This event, run by Apple Computer Australia, expanded on the information available about a number of important new Apple technologies, due to appear shortly in Tiger. Glen Low of Pixel Glow fame (from Perth) gave a number of excellent talks about developer issues, particularly as they affected the MacOS X port of Graphviz (which I have used for preparing UML diagrams through Doxygen) and the performance optimisation of MacSTL. As a result I was inspired to buy NVidia's book on Cg this morning, but in the end I controlled the devil within me and bought a book on Struts instead.

Tiger talk NewsNews (Tiger Talk, Feb 2005)

Faraday R&D attended the Tiger talk in Sydney. This event was staged by Apple Computer Australia to inform Mac programmers about the new features and opportunities in the forthcoming operating system release for 2005. Hilights were presentations on optimising the performance of core graphics and also on using core image. There seems to be some potential, via core image, for using the graphics processing unit (GPU) for general purpose vector computation.

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