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Macintosh programming tool-related hyperlinks of interest to myself and other Mac developers.

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Developer Tools Australia and New Zealand
RealBASIC Object-oriented BASIC with an integrated developement environment that includes a graphical form designer. Supports cross-platform development on Windows, Macintosh and Linux.
FutureBASIC BASIC with integrated developement environment for Macintosh.
CodeWarrior c/c++/Objective C integrated developement environment for Macintosh.
XCode/Interface Builder c/c++/Objective C/Java integrated developement environment for Macintosh with support for Mach-o Carbon and Cocoa Framework programming..
The R Project for Statistical Computing R is an interactive scripting language for statistical computing. R, the computer language, has a wierd syntax that takes a little getting used to. It's strong point is array and data manipulation. There are a very large number of statistical packages that can be loaded into the environment. Both Cocoa and Carbon versions are available for MacOS and MacOS X.
Using Subversion With XCode A tutorial for using XCode with the Subversion version control system. The Subversion plugin for XCode is described.
Doxygen Software documentation and structure analysis for c, c++, Objective c, Java, PHP. Output is in HTML PDF, and dot (Graphiz) etc.. There is a MacOS X binary available.
Graphviz Automated layout software for network graphs. A MacOS X version with a GUI can be found at PixelGlow . This can be used in conjunction with Doxygen for source code structure analysis.
RCEnvironment A control panel to set environment variables for GUI applications in MacOS X. Needed for installing Tomcat on MacOS X.
Xerd Entity relationship diagram editor.
Sequence Sketcher An editor for UML sequence diagrams.
SyBrowser A general purpose SQL database browser client, with entity relationship diagram (ERD) support.
Navicat An SQL database browser client for MySQL with support for database to database copying, backup and restore, import and export. The new version 6 released Nov05 supports SSH tunnelling on MacOS X.
iSQL A JDBC compliant database browser with the ability to connect to dataSources from J2EE frameworks.
OmniGraffle A vector drawing program/diagram editor with support for flow charts and UML diagrams. This site also provides OmniObjectMeter for diagnosing Cocoa/unix memory leaks.
Altivec at IBM Developer Works Code optimation on the G5 processor using Altivec.
Etnus ThemTotalView debugger for c/c++/FORTRTAN is now available for MacOS X.
Full-System Simulator for IBM PowerPC 970 A PowerPC 970 simulator from IBM. Works on MacOS X, Linux and AIX.
OverTheEdge I/S The Unity game engine for the Macintosh. A games authoring environment that produces games for Windows and Macintosh.
HyperNext One of the Hypercard familly.
ScreenTime Media Flash-based application development (mProjector)and a screen saver builder.
BitRock InstallerBuilder A cross-platform installer builder.
Excel Software MacA&D, MacTranslator, etc for structured analysis, desgn and code generation. Uses UMLand ERD. Support Linux, Macintosh & Windows.
IconPeople MeshInstall content installer builder for music, graphics etc..
Apple Performance and Debugginh tools CHUD, Shark, GDBand OCUnit etc.
Valentina c/c++ SDK for database development.
WCode "The Widget Maker" for MacOS X is a widget development environment.
Lightweight cross platform SQL database engine with Unicode support and admin tool.
H3D API for Haptic/touch sensitve user interface programming.
BBEdit, the programmer's and web designers text editor.
Torque game engine.
Web Developer Tools

The Tomcat java servlet container that is the official reference implementaion of Java Servlets and JavaServer Pages. "How to" instructions for installing Tomcat on MacOS X are also available. There are some useful instructions for using Tomcat with Kawa.
The official Tomcat/JBoss Apple distribution is available from ADC.
instructions for setting up the Apple distribution are available at: Java and Tomcat, Part I and Java and Tomcat, Part II.

Jakarta Tomcat Connector for Apache 1.3 The Tomcat Connector is called mod_jk and allows Tomcat to deliver servelet and jsp pages via Apache. If Apache is used the web site URLs do not need to contain the port number that would be needed if the Tomcat web server was used in standalone mode. Instructions for configuring the Connector can be found on O'Reilly. Other items of interest are the Apache installation docs and the Apache binaries download page.
Tomcat Administrator HOW-TO Control web application deployment with the Web Page-bases application.
Debugging Tomcat Servlets with Eclipse Running Tomcat with the script to place Tomcat in debug mode and connecting to Tomcat via a network port connection configured in the Eclipse Run/Debug/Remote Java Application panel.

Sysdeo Eclipse Tomcat Launcher plugin

Control and debug Tomcat servlets from Eclipse. This plugin seems to have trouble with some kind of classpath conflict on my machine, as on starting Tomcat the web application throws an exception over XML parsing errors.
Struts Web application framework for integrating the presentation and business layers of a three tier web application. The framework has a single control servlet. The web page designer uses struts tags and other tags to create a JSP page. For each JSP page the programmer implements a number of Java classes which the framework calls. An ActionForm represents the reciever of the JSP page's form elements and also performs input validation. An Action class takes the ActionForm data and makes decisions. The programmer also needs to implement a Data Transfer Object (DTO) that is used to store and transfer the data being used. There is a high degree of dependance on XML configuration files.
Succeeding With Struts: Indexed Properties and Beans as Properties Creating master-detail records with Struts.
Jakarta TagLibs Tag libraries for Java Server Pages.. Incluses SQL and XML tags and allows access to session and parameter data.
XDoclet A source code generation engine for automating server side Java coding. Particularly for Enterprise Java Beans.
Download Connector/J The official JDBC driver for MySQL.Previously this was MM.MySQL. The documentation is also available.
Jakarta Commons DBCP Component A database connection pool component that can be used by configuring Tomcat to provide the pool via a JNDI naming service.
JBoss The JBoss web application server. Apple documentation and source code can be found here>>> . There is an also an Eclipse IDE extension for JBoss.
JBoss Meets Eclipse An article explaining how to use the Eclipse JBoss IDE to develop a "Hello World" application. Covers controlling the server, writing the Java source code (a minimal Servlet and Enterprise Java Bean) and xml deployment files, and packaging and deployment.
Jakarta Commons Logging The logging package that allows a number of differnt logging libraries to be used including Log4J.
Log4J A Java library for logging application behaviour. Ports are available for c and other languages as are a number of extensions.
ChainSaw A Java application for viewing Log4J log files.
Clover A code coverage tool that is is used to ensure that JUnit tests are sufficiently exhaustive.
Find Bugs A static code testing for finding bugs in Java programs. There is a stanalone application and an Eclipse plugin.
OpenOSX CDROM compilations of Open Source MacOS X software with user freindly installers and cofiguration. Includes OpenWeb , Gimp, Office, Wintel, GIS, Database and XFree.
CommonGround Software Qilan visual environment for multi-database developemt of web GUI's. Exports JSP's for Tomcat deployment.
Software Suppliers
Streetwise Software Pty Ltd Macintosh retail software supplier, located in Hawthorn, Melbourne.
Hearne Scientific Software Pty Ltd Supplier of technical software for maths, science and engineering.
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